Jiaxing newdun Motors,INC . is located in the northern part of Zhejiang Province, the Yangtze River Delta hinterland of Jiaxing City, Xiuzhou Industrial Zone, east of Shanghai (more than 90 kilometers), West Hangzhou (more than 80 kilometers), North Suzhou (more than 60 kilometers), a population of 338 thousand and 900, an area of 542 square kilometers, known as the silk of the house, and in the world, is one of the key coastal region of the State Council for the advance planning, development.

    NEWDUN MOTORS was established in 2011. It mainly produces ice making machine, water pump and its accessories and various micro fan motors. Products used in commercial refrigeration industry, such as commercial ice machine, retail refrigerator, beverage cabinet, walk-in freezer, coffee machine, vending machine, refrigerator, kitchen cabinets and other dishes.

    It is better for the customer to provide convenient, efficient and transparent quality service, we will uphold the "integrity, professionalism, quality" business philosophy; to establish a "Niu motor, professional technology" brand reputation; to optimize the customer market quality "for the pursuit of goals. 

    The latest research and development of "cow shield motor" produces "high efficiency and energy saving brushless motor". It conforms to the national energy saving and emission reduction policy. The products have high efficiency (the highest efficiency is 75%), low noise, long life and so on. The micro pump produced by our company is mainly used in all kinds of commercial ice making machines. All parts meet the requirements of food grade, and have the characteristics of high lift and large flow.

    We have a professional technical service team to provide you with a complete set of fluid solutions.